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Ya fantasy book series

Brief Synopsis

Book one – The Academy

Young Jesse moves to school in the Rocky Mountains. 

Will he be able to fit in and make a new life from his shattered past? YA fantasy books that inspire.

Book two – The Cave of Abigor

Evil manifests at the campus of Spirit Wings. It boasts to all three Jesse, Ruby, and Destiny that they all have ties with him and cannot defeat him. Jesse has the hardest battle with… the darkness within. If you lie Harry Potter, you should like this series also. Plenty of creatures, mystical events, and heart gripping cituations.

Books 3 – The House of Asher

The team moves on into young adult hood and they find the battles are bigger. Can Baal be brought down from Denver? Their first real mission as a team takes them to the heart of the matter.

Parent's Guide

No cuss words, some mild violence. Ages 13 and up/

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More in the series in the works

Additional Information

Book 4 – The Scepters of the Kings

In New York the gang finds that the glory occurs in the most unexpected place. From there the team goes to Israel. Scepters are given and some are taken away by force. YA fantasy books that incourage.

Book 5 – The Landing strip

Ancient iniquitous thrones are rattled and revealed as Jesse and the gang deal with Titans, who come to change culture and history. Like Harry Potter books, in that there are close relationships, mystical creatures add plenty of action.

Book 6– The Jade Seal

Ruby mysteriously changes in to fatigue military wear. A new group join Eagle’s Nest. The Team goes to Seoul and deals with a dragon in the spirit realm. Jesse gets a hard rebuke from a business man. YA book series that leaves you feeling inspired.

Parent's Guide

Some mild cussing in these 3 books

Mild violence, mild romance. Ages 15 and up

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